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Opportunity stage picklist values for a particular profile - -urgent



I want to show certain opportunity stage picklist values for a particular profile. It is not possible to manage through sales process.

Profile A-->Stage Values  A,B,C,



Is it possible to handle it through workflows?


Any help wpuld be appreciated.





Hello Alok,


You can assign picklist values to record types and record types to profiles. So user will see the picklist values according to their record types.

@ Vinita_SFDC  , sorry, My English is pool.

user A profile A -> record types A --> sales process A -> stage Value AA , 
user B profile B -> record types B  --> sales process B --> stage Value  BB, CC

when A user create opp , stage pick list display AA, but  B user view which user A created. picklist also display AA. (why not display BB, CC)

stage value <--> sales process <-->  recordType <--> profile   , May be I misundeerstood. 

How implate different users see different options,(create and edit)

I do not know you do not understand ?