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How to track Lead Status History THROUGH conversion?

I am bumping up against a strange wall here.  I want to graph/dashboard the history of the Lead Status field, all the way through conversion, if it occurs.  I want to count how many Lead Status Changes someone makes, and chart it over time.  I am running into a strange one, because apparently when the Lead is converted the History on the Lead Status field is no longer updated...... therefore the final status of 'Converted' does not show up in the History report, and therefore cannot be graphed along with the other Status changes.


PLEASE, if anyone has any ideas on this let me know.  I have tried Apex update triggers, workflow, custom status fields ,,,,,,,  nothing appears to be able to handle this. 


This will be bad as it would be assumed this should be easy, and the sales/marketing manager would not be impressed if I couldn't simply graph a leads progress......







Any possible help on this one yet?  I am about to create a custom object and a bunch of code to handle, but would rather not, especially if I am simply missing something obvious.


In short, I just want to track the history of the Lead Status, up to and including 'Converted', in a manner I can graph.....


thanks for any thoughts, yay or nay...