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Deploy a Trigger to production



I have a trigger to be deployed to production.

The trigger assigns some Leads after a Business criteria to a Queue.


I have created that queue in sandbox and when i try to deploy the trigger through the Force.com IDE, it is raising an error in deployment plan, saying reference ID not valid.


since that queue ID is used in trigger, i guess i need to move the queue first to production which would have same ID.


So how do i first move my queue to production?


Any help on this is highly appreciated.






The queue could have a different ID when u manually create the Queue in production.

The best course according to me would be query the queue Id on basis of its name



[select Id from Group where Name = 'queuename' and Type= 'Queue']


This would work both in sandbox and production





Thanks for reply!

But i need to assign Leads to that queue. To assign Leads to that queue i need to pass the ID over the name of queue.

I am guessing that we need to first sync created queue in sandbox with production and then move trigger to production.

I am not quite sure how i can do that. Any suggestions?





its better you create the queue and move the trigger.

Thts how i do..


How do i move the queue?.



Sham's advice was correct.  The query he supplied searches for the queue by name and returns the Id at runtime.  Once your trigger executes this query and obtains the Id value, you can use it in place of the hard-coded Id string you're using today, including to assign leads.


You should never hard-code an Id value in your Apex code.  Any time you do that in development, you're setting yourself up to not be able to deploy to production later.



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