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Cannot modify existing abstract class method in Managed Package

I have an abstract class that I'm trying to make a minor change to one of it's methods. I can't even add addition comments without the following error showing up.


Error: Compile Error: Global/WebService identifiers cannot be removed from managed application: .......


Nothing in the class is global and yet I keep getting that error.


The managed package is released.


Some more details. There are two classes in the package. 


public with sharing abstract MyClass {


  public page_ref {get; set;}






global with sharing class MyController {


   public MyClass myclassinstance;


   global PageReference page_ref {


          return this.myclassinstance.page_ref;








Hi Nathanael,


Can you send me a private message with your organization ID and grant salesforce login access?  I'll take a look.




We are still struggling with this issue. We have an open case with SF support and they've acknowledged that it is a bug but won't be able to fix it until after dreamforce. We have to have it fixed before dreamforce. The only solution being suggested is to make new copies of the file and relink them. We don't want to clutter the package with unnecessary files and the old global files with the security vulnerabilities will still be accessabile to everyone. On top of that we'll be in the same situation with those files once we upload them as a managed packages. 


I tried changing everything in the files to global which it allowed us to do and once we did that we were able to edit the file, but now we can't change them back to only being public even though the file was never uploaded to a managed package in that state. Now we can't even upload new versions of the package because once we upload it the change to global is supposed to be irreversible and we don't want everything in those files to be global.


There has to be somebody with a high enough level of access that can make the necessary changes, so that we can get through the security revue and be ready in time for dreamforce.



Hi Scott,


I have been facing the same issue in my package org. If you have found the solution then please reply it.