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Outline View of Apex Class not working in Force.com IDE

Hi, I'm using the Force.com IDE for Apex/Visualforce development. I'm observing that some, but not all, of my Apex classes will not display the "outline" view in the Eclipse Force.com IDE. There are no compilation problems with these classes, but I cannot see the outline of methods, member variables, etc. Nor will the code assistance work for these classes. I have other classes for which outline and code assistance work fine. Any ideas?


This happens to me as well.  It would be nice to know either what causes this or that someone might address it some year?



lakv polankilakv polanki
Hi can you please help me.
I have created developer account, which was created by default professional Edition.  I tried a lot to get Enterprize Edition , I even tried Go to Set up -> develop -> there is no Apex class option , the option It has Apex setting which does not contain any provision to do settings.