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Rendering merge fields in a String

Is there a way to render the merge fields in a string in Apex. As an example, I want to use email templates for a task. I've
written a VF page to override new task creation. It has a function that retrieves the body of the template but when its displayed
in the inputField it show the merge field syntax; i.e. Dear {!Contact.FirstName}.


public PageReference changeTemplate() {
EmailTemplate template = [Select TemplateType, Subject,
Name, Id, HtmlValue, Body, Description From EmailTemplate where id =:ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('templateId')];

msg.Subject__c = template.Subject;
msg.Description__c = template.Body; //includes {!merge fields} as literal
return null ;


 I'm not sending an email as part of this process, so I need some way to render the merge fields in the string. What complicates this is that while the whoId can only be a Lead or Contact, the whatId on the task can any object. So a simple find and replace on the string gets very complex. Any suggestions?

Wow, Deja Vu... you shouldn't post your same question in 2 places... can I earn 2 Authorized Solutions? :)



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