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Mass email queued for send (pending commit)


I am writing a code for sending mass email. The code is working fine, everything is working fine, but I am not receiving any email. It is 24 hrs since I send the mail.

When I checked in Debug Logs, it is showing this error.


  Mass email queued for send (pending commit) 


Has anyone encountered this problem? What is the solution?


The complete debug log:


20100113111521.297:Class.InputFileControllerExtension.composeEmail: line 49, column 2:     Number of iterations: 1
20100113111521.297:Class.InputFileControllerExtension.composeEmail: line 59, column 2: Mass email queued for send (pending commit) : bccSender: false, saveAsActivity: false, useSignature: true, targetObjectIds: [00520000000paGK], templateId: 00X20000000tUgMEAU, description: Mass Email (API),
20100113111521.297:Class.InputFileControllerExtension.done: line 36, column 4: returning from end of method public void composeEmail() in 981 ms
20100113111521.297:External entry point: returning System.PageReference from method public System.PageReference done() in 986 ms

Thanks for your help


Siddhesh Kabe