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Attempting to change Text Field to Text Area (long)

Hello and I apologize if this a basic question, but my developer and myself are trying to change a Text Field/TextArea (currently maxing out at 255 characters) to Text Area (long).  However, we're getting a message stating the following:


Force Message

What steps do we take to rectify this?  Our previous developer who created the initial Apex classes is no longer available.


Thanks in advance for the help and guidance.

You may be able to get away with temporarily modifying the "unit tests" class being referenced in this error to not include any references to the field you're trying to change.  Looking at this, I'm wondering why they are preventing an operation that wouldn't result in data loss.  I can understand going from a long text field to a regular one (would result in truncation), but this wouldn't harm anything other than performance.

Hi behrlich,


 If that apexclass or trigger: unittests is no longer valid,

Please delete that then you can.