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Roll-Up Child Account Data

What are some methods to roll up child account data to the parent account level?


A parent account has three child accounts, want the maximum value of a field of all four accounts.


For example:


ChildRecord1.Field1 = 5

ChildRecord2.Field1 = 2

ChildRecord3.Field1 = 9

ParentRecord.Field1 = 7


ParentRecord.Field1Max = 9


Out of the four accounts themaximum field value is 9.  How can this be returned to the parent level?


Greg HGreg H

You could create a trigger to populate the value on the parent Account when a child Account is updated, inserted or deleted. You'd have to populate the values initially via a data load of some sort but then you could activate a trigger to essentially compare the existing parent Account value to the child Account value. If child value is greater than parent, overwrite parent value.