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XmlStreamReader unicode bug??

I note in some of Dave Carroll's code share and a couple of blog posts, that there was a bug in XmlStreamReader. See this here from one of his snippets:




/* This is to avoid a bug in XmlStreamReader - 
 * it can't handle extended characters
xml = xml.replaceAll('ö', 'o');	
xml = xml.replaceAll('ø', 'o');
xml = xml.replaceAll('“', '"');
xml = xml.replaceAll('”', '"');
xml = xml.replaceAll('&#[^;]*;', '');


These lines essentially filter out all unicode characters like foreign languages.



Does anyone know:


1) Does the bug still exist, and what was the bug? Just some characters? Simple tests look like it works fine.

2) Do the new DOM Document and XMLNode class suffer any similar bugs?