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Doug ACFDoug ACF 

Salesforce Time Standard

We are building an integration that requires us to send a time value that is within 30 seconds of the NIST standard time.  Does anyone know if the Salesforce server timestamp is synced to NIST?


Basically  Salesforce server timestamp works on GMT timezone. You can change GMT time zone  to NIST  Timezone according to your requirement.


You can use getservertimestamp() method, it would provide Coordinated Universal Timezone(UTC). Please refer the documentaton available on  



Doug ACFDoug ACF

My question is not about time zones but whether Salesforce is synced with a standard time reference like time.nist.gov.  The issue is that if Salesforce thinks its 02:00:00 UTC but the interfacing server thinks its 02:00:31, it will reject our webservice request. 


Hey Doug!


Were you able to find out  the Salesforce.com server clock sync mechanism? If so, please let me know..





Hello all,


I am being asked by one of my clients' IT Certification and Auditing Committee for evidence of Salesforce's server synchronization, exactly as requested on this posting. Has anyone got this answer? Doug? Salesforce Moderator?




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Sanchivan SivadasanSanchivan Sivadasan
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Has anyone found the answer for this? I was asked the same question today. Thanks.

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