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Mojtaba NasiriMojtaba Nasiri 

Query for auto populating the Field

Hi Pros,


i have been trying to auto Populate a field from another field value based on Ajax Triggers, but i get error.

here is the scenario:

Under accounts standard Object i have a custom  field called as Control Location.

Under User standard object i have a custom field also called as Control Location.

 Account and Users are connected based on a lookup of sales Representative (renamed Account Owner field).

i would like to auto populate the account's Control Location based on the value of Control Location in the user Object.


here is my Query:


 trigger populatecontrolLocation on Account(before insert, before update)


    // for each account, create a new trigger

    for(Account a : Trigger.new)


        // Create a list of user records from a SOQL query  

        List <User> accusr = [SELECT Control_Location__c FROM User WHERE id = : a.Ownerid]; 

        // for each account user 


        a.Control_Location__c = accusr.get(0);








and here is the error i receive:

 error : Illegal assignment from SOBJECT:User to String



any suggestions would be more than welcome.


best regards,



Imran MohammedImran Mohammed



Try this,

a.Control_Location__c = accusr.get(0).Control_Location__c;







 a.Control_Location__c = accusr[0].Location;