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How to copy custom objects to my dev account



I was working on a project in my sandbox environment and decided that I need to check the performance of the project in my dev account. I'm working with eclipse and I have no idea how to migrate the custom objects I've created into my dev account.


I have two custom objects with lots of fields and I would like to somehow copy them and not to have to create them again.


I tried copying the xml that defines the object, create the same object on the dev and copy the content of the xml into it.


After saving the changes to the server I only see the mandatori fields in the object but none of the other fields.


Thanks for the help




Try using the Deploy functionality of the IDE - highlight the object in the IDE and choose Force.com/ Deploy to server... from the right click menu.  Then put in the details of your dev org.

Anup JadhavAnup Jadhav

The easiest way to accomplish this task manually is by deploying the changes to the Dev Org. Right click on the project, select Force.com -> Deploy to Server. Enter your credentials in the deploy wizard, follow the instructions, and you're set.


- A J


there is also a way using the deployment functionality of salesforce using change sets.


The problem is that after deploying I can see the custom object in the DEV and also see all fields defined but when I manually create one instance of the object by clicking create new I'm prompted only to fill the mandatory fields as if the other fields do not exist.


Any ideas?


oh ok you need check the page layout and field level settings for that.may the visible checkbox is not checked for some fields.