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Quicksaving at Version Settings Shrinks Window Where Code is Displayed

So I was editing one of my visualforce components and clicked over to "Version Settings" then quicksaved. When I went back to "Visualforce Markup" I got what you see:



Basically, the window shrank so you could only see the first line of code.


Reloading the page made this go away.


btw, I hope we get a real SFDC bug tracker at some point... 


Have you tried again? In my opinion it was some temporary problem related to your system or internet. I have repeated the same process in different orgs at my place but couldn't replicate the mentioned problem.


Hope this helps.


I've also experienced shrinking input areas when I submitted a code share project. It is most certainly a bug somewhere (with Salesforce, not the internet), even if it is not easily duplicated.


The other reason might be due the browser compatibility.