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Apex page login and pass variable all in the same url

Hi all,


I've created a page with a controller that queries a variable from an url and gives back the account name containing that value as a field. For example


salesforce.com/apex/mypage?contactname=raul will bring me the account that has a contact named raul.


Everything works fine, now I need to be able to run that page automatically for a process and I need to open this apex page and pass the variable with a single call.


I've tried doing the following


salesforce.com/apex/mypage?contactname=raul&pw=MyPassWord&un=MyUserName but this doesn't work and I'm prompted for login.


Is there a way to login and pass the variables to a page all sending one url?






Create a button Call the ul on on click event.


I will ask the question differently:


While using this function 




I can get a paramater in the url of the page wwww.salesforce.com/apex/mypage?some=hello&param=value


Is there a way to change the delimiter for the get parameters function?


I want the url to be wwww.salesforce.com/apex/mypage?some=hello?param=value

and not wwww.salesforce.com/apex/mypage?some=hello&param=value


Is there a way to define the delimiter with which the params are separated using this function?