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How to add child custom object records of a product to a quote line item after insert

I am trying to trigger the addition of related records (call them sub/bundle items) when a product is added via the quote line item object.


So simply put, when someone adds a product that happens to have child items, add those child items to the related list on the quote line item object.


I tracked the issue back to the fact that the ProductName and the ProductId variables below are coming up empty.  The PriceBookId is a required field on the quote line item, and I am adding that in the test class, hardcoded.  So I would assume that AFTER the quote line item is inserted I could reference that price book entry and its related object info just fine, as I have in other cases.......but no such luck so far.


Here is the trigger code.  As I mentioned the last two variables are coming up blank.  Any help greatly appreciated.....lost enough hair over this one already.



AfterInsertQuoteLineItem_trg on QuoteLineItem (after insert) {


for (QuoteLineItem i : Trigger.new)




String QuoteLineItemId = i.Id;


String ProductName = i.PriceBookEntry.Product2.Name;


String ProductId = i.PriceBookEntry.Product2Id;






You will not be able to use like "i.PriceBookEntry.Product2.Name;". From the PriceBookentry Query the product and then use Product2.Name.