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having a problem with opportunity trigger

Hi ,

I am having an issue , there is a an opportunity trigger with event before insert and before update which will update the values of two field with corresponding two  values from  the owner record. For example if the owner of the opportunity  record is changed those two fields will also get updated with the corresponding values of  two fields from the owner record. This trigger works perfectly when the owner is changed directly from  opportunity record. but the problem is when the owner of the opportunity record getting changed indirectly by selecting options(Transfer closed opportunities ,Transfer open cases owned by the existing account owner ,Transfer closed cases) while changing owner of the master account record in that case  opportunity trigger is not firing at all, due to that fields opportunity records are not getting updated with the owner field values .Can any one help me.


Can these fields not just be simple formula fields? that way you would always have up to date information from the owners user record?


These fields are editable users may edit when needed so this fields can not be formula field.