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Lock field if a field is populated

Our company has a Custom Object with about 20 fields on the page layout. We want to set a rule where if the "RV Approved" field is populated, all the other fields get locked (i.e. uneditable) for all users except for users in 2 profile id's listed below. I have tried the formula below (copied from our US parent SFDC environment, with the correct field & profile id's), though it seems users cannot edit any fields even when the "RV Approved" field is blank, once they've already saved a Custom Object record, and want to go back in and edit the record. Any ideas?


AND(NOT(ISNULL( PRIORVALUE(RV_Approved_Dollar__c))),
$Profile.Id <> "00e90000000Ebs1",
$Profile.Id <> "00e90000000Ebs6")


is RV Approved a checkbox?  If so then it returns true or false when tested, so your formula could be rewritten so that it says:

if the checkbox = true, throw this error.