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How do I read a XML document with branches/children

Hi all,

I need to read an XML document which has a lot of branches to it, for example:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<header xmlns="http://example.com" name="inbal">

<firstElement type="first">









does someone has a code that can help me read this XML?

I have tried to do it using the Xmlstreamreader but I am not sure that "reader.next" or "reader.hasnext" is actually going through the way on the children, does it enter to the children as well with no special method?




You can try XMLDom class for XML parsing.

Link to projects: XML Dom parser


Also Fast XML is available:  Fast XML


Thank you Prasanna. 


I have looked in both links, which one will you recommend more?

I found that on the XMLDom class there is no option to go to the next sibling inside the children....


Thank you,