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Not able to see Apex class in scheduled jobs under setup>>monitoring

I have embedded the Scheduler Interface in my code , calling as a method from another class which bind with page e.g ABC.

On reloading the page “ABC” or performing the action that calls my main class , I am getting below exception. It shows somehow code does work but I am not able to see in “Schedule Jobs” under set up>>monitoring.

Exception:Based on configured schedule, the given trigger will never fire.


this somehow shows that code is ok.



shall I have to check first whether this feature is enabled or my dev org is capable fo rthis or not?



Rohit Sharma

actually in some versions this Scheduled jobs is not Available...Go for force.com 10..

Can you post the code where you are setting the schedule? Don't forget to try it in the system log as well which is a great way of testing Scheduled Apex.


Also, check out this recent blog post for code samples.