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Isnew fuction return false for cloned record

I have a visual force page that is used for edit/new/clone of records, and I have different workflows that fire and send emails out whenever a record is added.


My workflow validation uses "ISNEW" function to identify newly created records, but none are fired whenever a record is cloned and created a new record.


I wonder how do I treat cloned and aswell as new records as same so that my emails are fired.


Currently, ISNEW returns false for cloned records, true for new records. I wonder if this is the expected functionality of this function.



Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but I'm seeing the same issue. I have a workflow that fires (among other things) when a record ISNEW() and updates a field on the opportunityProduct with a calculated value. What I'm seeing is that it does not in fact do that when the record is cloned.

I added PRIORVALUE(ID) = null to the criteria list, but that didn't seem to work either.


Anyone seen this before?