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Limits to call-ins to Apex Web Services

I know a callout to a web service from Apex is limited to a responsde size of 1MB.


Is there any limit on the size of input to a web service implemented in Web Service?


I don't see anything clearly listed in the documentation but sometimes things aren't where'd you'd expect to find them.




after winter 11 the limit is removed acc to release notes


In the Winter '11 Release Notes I see- "• Maximum size for a callout (HTTP request or Web services call) has been removed."


That's not very specific.  Is that for "call-outs" and "call-ins"?


What about responses?  I believe I did a call out where the response was > 1MB and got an error.


Can anyone elaborate on what the release notes really say?


I actually got tricked by this one-- "Total request time for one callout (HTTP request or Web services call) has been removed."  The total time for one callout is removed indeed but what it doesn't remind you is that there is sstill an aggregate limit of 120 seconds.  So the one callout limit in effect as only changed from 10 seconds to 120 seconds; it isn't unlimited.