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Create multiple tasks based on values selected from a multi-select custom field

Goal:  I want to create a trigger from Opportunities.  The trigger will create tasks when values are selected from a Multi-select custom field.  The values change as the Opportunity stage value changes.  I have the multi-select field dependent on the stage.  Now I need help with the trigger.  I will need IF statement to verify the multi-select values choosen.






You can create the Workflow for this.

In workflows Rule Criteria section select Run this rule if the following as Formula Evaluates to true.

Use INCLUDEs function for multiselect picklist values.

For more information on INCLUDES function check Help & Training.





I tested this approach, but I'm limited to one pick; or I'm doing this wrong.  I have around 35 options to test for, so I was hoping a trigger with a nested IF statement would be better.