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wsdl to Http Call out

For my case,i have to integrate salesforce with magento which uses a wsdl with format RPC/encoded.

I have the architecture of the wsdl, and i also have the url which end with the extension wsdl.

As salesforce do not understand RPC/encoded , i was skipping the part of wsdl2Apex and i am trying the HTTP callout as suggested but many user, but i do not know where to start.I need to call a method from the wsdl with 3 parameters a username,a pwd and an id ,and expect to get a list of info.


 So my questions are:


1. which url to use for the endpoint? the same as wsdl soap:address e.g or to the wsdl itself : http://arianetest.smartbox.com/soap/xx_reservation.wsdl??


2. How do i call the method from HTTP Callout???


3. How do i pass a parameter to the function call??


thanks in anticipation for future replies.


Have you any luck with this topic? Because I'm stuck wiith the same questions.

I will appriciate any help.





In fact this type is not supported by salesforce, so you have the option to change wsdl format or use rest API instead  of wsdl. Now i prefer Rest API rather than wsdl