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Auto download Data Export zip file

Is there any way to create an API script which could download the schedule created DataExport zip file?

I'm thinking about getting the ID of the last (actual) zip file and just paste it into corresponding url..


Any ideas to do this?




Raj R.Raj R.

So I have wondered the same question. Have you tried downloading any applications from AppExchange and then using Windows Task Schedular to make the app from AppExchange run weekly?


I really need to figure out a way to download the data export zip files myself. So if I get any solutions I will try to contact you to help you out

Raj R.Raj R.

I figured out how to automate the download of DataExport files from SFDC. You have to go on FuseIT's website and download their free Data export tool. If you email them they can send you links to download them quickly and they have a tendency to respond extremely quickly based on personal experience.


Once you download their data export tool, you have to modify the .config files and add your SFDC login credentials, create a Windows batch job, and then use Windows schedular to download the backups from SFDC on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Kathy ZimmermanKathy Zimmerman
Have to say -- I appreciated the tip from Raj R - thank you