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Email.fromName getting null value in the Inbound Email.

I have created email services and a inbound email class for receiving the email.

i was getting proper email.fromName two days back but now i m getting it null every time .

Is there any changes made related to the inbound email as i have checked in outbound email by using "mail.setSenderDisplayName('kamal')" and im getting proper name in the email.

please anyone can help me with this issue its making me crazy coz this inbound email.fromname was working

2 days back but now its not working i have tested in developer ,sandbox and production all the three orgs but the

same result the email.fromName is null every were.


We are seeing the same problem across numerous Orgs and instances.  I am opening a case with SFDC partner support.


Case# 04257611 with partner support if anyone wants to reference it.


Yeah i'm getting the same error. Finally decided to look online and i found this post. Glad you opened a case.


We reported the same to SFDC this morning and had it escalated.  Of course with the wonder of SFDC support, it might get fixed in 2012.


If anybody's able to gain traction into what they're doing and why all these api changes are being made without being communicated to customers, please let me know.  I for one think it's atrocious.


Feel free to reference case # 04269823 if you're doing the same.


Fix Is already being pushed for release to co-incide with spring '11 (170) release (mid february)


Ha this forum call me a newbie :D


SFDC support is reporting that this is fixed and I confirmed in NA2.  Kudos to SFDC support (for once) for delivering ahead of schedule.