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Retrieving Object's field value

Hi there,


I was wondering, if it's possible to do the following. I have an object Revenue and a called a field called ProductA_Total__c. Right now I am retrieving the object as follows:


Revenue__c rev = [Select ProductA_Total__c From Revenue__c];


I want the fields to be dynamic, because there could be additional products in the future. So I have these fields in a custom setting. So If I need a field called ProductB_Total__c in the future, all I need to do is add that field to the object and add it to the custom setting. Now I could access the fields from the custom setting. I want to use the fields in the custom setting to retrieve the value. How can I do that. I have tried the following:

String FieldName = 'ProductB_Total__c';

And I have also tried the following:




Is this even possible through apex? Please help asap. Thanks.




You'll need to use the get/set notation for this - this allows you to extract/insert fields into a sobject based on the API name of the field.





String FieldName = 'ProductB_Total__c';