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How to generate APEX classes for third part web services..


Can any one please guide me how to generate APEX classes for a third party webservice file.


Thx in advance,



you need the wsdl of the third-party web service,and the the wsdl should be in the document literal format.


Hi Vanessen, Thanks for the quick reply. 

I have the wsdl of the third-party web service. But the wsdl has been genrated using apache jax-rpc.


Will it work with this wsdl file..?


Thx in adv,



have you check this :  http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/apexcode/Content/apex_callouts_wsdl2apex_gen_code.htm


this link provide an example of a document literal wsdl and the generated apex class.Your wsdl should resemble the one in the example.If not, then it may be very complicated to make it work.


You need to have wsdl file of 3rd party web service. Using this file you can create apex classes very easily. Goto setup ->App Setup ->Develop ->Apex Classes. Now click on ‘Generate from wsdl’ button and you would get option for browsing the wsdl file, select the file and follow the instruction and you will get apex classes.