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S2S : how to call trigger on target object, when auto accept option is already selected?



I am sharing 2 objects throgh S2S.

One object say obj1 I am publishing through org1 and subscribing in org2

One object say obj2 I am publishing through org2 and subscribing in org1


for obj1, In org2, I have selected auto accept option.

Based on some field in obj1, i want to fire query on obj2 and then want to publish obj2 to org1.

So for this purpose i am writing trigger After Insert on obj1, But when accepting record with auto option this trigger is not getting called. So is there any workaround for this?





    Even I am facing a similar problem. Please provide any pointers on this.




Bhushan PatilBhushan Patil
       I am getting the same issue.. Please help me urgent !