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Deploying a trigger/ class to Professional edition.



I have a trigger present in my developer org. The trigger is on Lead and i have a custom field which i am using in that trigger.I want to deploy this trigger to my clients org. But it happens to be Professional Edition. So when i try to deploy the trigger from eclipse it gives me an eror saying - "This Organization requires Metadata API enabled."  Also when i packaged the trigger and tried to install that package, it gave me an error saying "Missing feature Apex Triggers Installing this package requires the following feature and its associated permissions: Apex Triggers" So i dont know how i shall move ahead now. What are the options by which i can achieve this?


Also let me know, what are the steps to enable the Metadata API and if i get the API enabled will i be able to deploy the trigger ? I have read that adding triggers/classes to proffessional edition requires you to create a "Managed Package" and also get it certified from salesforce. Is this the only option available? Because its quite funny that i have a trigger that was written in 2-3 hours but to add it into proffessional edition requires you to take so many steps and spend days. My client wont pay me for this delay . 





all that is required because Professional Edition doesn't natively allow Apex.  The Managed Package + Certification is a hack/workaround designed to allow ISV's to deliver their apps to orgs with that edition, not for the owners of those orgs to develop their own code and deploy it.  Yes, it can be done, but the hoops are probably in place to force you to upgrade vs. making it easy to get your code into an org with a lower cost than enterprise edition.