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Looking for an opportunity to get better at writing code.

Hi All,

I am an administrator who wants to learn Apex and VF. I took the Advanced developer course about two years ago, and have had intermittent opportunities to write code since then, which usually results in me posting to these boards looking for help.


I have just learned that my dept. has a little money available for Professional Development. Since, I have already taken the Advanced dev course, I am not intersted in taking it again. Although, I probably would get a lot more out of it this time.  I noticed there is now a course called 'Object Oriented Programing with Apex'. The title of this class interestes me because I have no coding background. All of my understanding of OO concepts has been learned from reading java books and Jason Ouellete's book, but I don't want to sit through a week of concept instruction to build a 'Hello World' app. Has anybody taken either of these classes recently, and could they give any opinions on them?


Also, in the past, I have run into some folks that have tried to make a business out of teaching Apex.  However, I haven't seen them on the boards in a while, and can't remember their names. So, I'm curious to know if there is anybody out there who has tried them and to know what they thought of it.


And finally, I will just throw this out there...anybody in the NYC area willing to be an Apex mentor?