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Parent-Child Relationship

Can u tell me that what is the actual funda of Parent & Child entity in salesforce ?

When & Why to used parent-to-child relationship or child-to-parent relationship ?

Please give me any general or real life example so that i can easily get it bcoz i understand any concept easily with real life example...

Shashikant SharmaShashikant Sharma

Parent child relationship is Tightly Coupled relationship having attributes

1)Parent reference becomes Mandatory for child

2)Cascaded delete : If you delete parent child gets deleted

3)Sharing rules on child determined by parent


See this for more


Ex : 

Parent  : Supplier

Child :  Supplier Location


Any supplier location should have a supplier (mandatory), is you delete supplier supplier locations for it get deleted. Sharing rules and access rights of supplier will be determined by Parent.



Ankit AroraAnkit Arora

In addition to Shashikant's reply I would like to add some more points :


1) You can have only 2 master detail relationships on an object.

2) Standard objects can not become child in any case.



Ankit Arora


Imran MohammedImran Mohammed

There are different types of Parent Child relationships in salesforce.


  1. Master-Detail Relationship(Tightly coupled)


  • In this, without a parent child cannot exist.
  • Deleting Parent will delete all its children.
There are some other differnces too which Ankit has pointed out.
       Ex: Lets say Employee is Parent and Address Details is child object. Without an employee, his address details are of no use.

  1. Lookup Relationship(Loosely Coupled)
  • Child can exist without a Parent record.
  • Deleting Parent will not delete child records on it.
   Ex: Lets say Project is Parent object and Employee is child object using Lookup relationship. Deleting a project should not delete the Employees associated with it. As the Employees can still work on different projects.