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Profile settings not applied in managed package


I have created two custom profiles A and B with some custom layouts assigned to them. When i built the managed package from dev org , I have shipped these profiles in the package. But I faced a problem while installing the managed package. Even when I had selected the third option of security settings and set access to one of the custom profile C(Profile created on destination org) to Profile A (shipped in package). It didnt get apply and I need to configure everything again. am I missing something here ?


Thanks in advance..




Hi Sunny,


The settings in your profile only apply to objects in your package.  If the page layout selections are for standard salesforce objects, then these are not carried over as the subscriber likely has made customizations to their page layouts and thus changing to yours would negatively impact them.


Hope this helps.


Hi Smith,

 Yes, that is the reason , I made custom layouts for Standard objects, shipped it in the package with appropriate custom profiles associated with it. But still, when I install the managed package , the profiles are not mapped and I need to configure it manually :(

Two years later and I am still getting this problem. Profile settings and permission sets in managed packages have been completely useless and a total frustration to our customers because they simply do not work. Not a single permission gets provisioned to the selected profiles (objects, fields, etc).

Has there been a solution to this or has this been recognized as an issue with Salesforce?