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Force.com IDE Apex Test Runner truncating log output

Has anyone else noticed that if you run unit tests using the Apex Test Runner tab in the Force.com IDE that the log output seems to be getting truncated? This is not the normal "maximum log file size exceeded" issue. It just gets truncated with no message in the log output. This seems to have started happening around the Summer '11 release, around the same time that the 100% coverage problem started (http://boards.developerforce.com/t5/Apex-Code-Development/Bug-Salesforce-Test-Coverage-System/td-p/292099). This is not something unique to my environment, because one of my coworkers is seeing the same problem when he tries to run unit tests in the Force.com IDE. It's kind of inconvenient, because the truncation occurs quite early in the log output, meaning you often don't get to see the log output you are interested in. The workaround is to run your tests in the Salesforce UI.