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requestin for access to see private record



i have requirement. it is fairly complex one.


there is one user who has one opportunity(created by him). he has set that opp to private.


now there is another user who should have request access button his opp page such that when he clicks that button an email should go to the opp owner.


if the opp owner approves it then the user can see that record.


it is a bit tricky. if anyone can sugeest me some tricks or code.


How would use the user click the button to request access if the record's access level is private? When a record is private, it can't be viewed by any user that doesn't already have access.


However, I could envision a Visualforce page that uses "without sharing" for the controller; this page would be able to show the user records they don't normally have access to. From here, there could be a button that could be clicked to kick off the email.


Then, you just need a second page, whose link is sent in the email. The user that receives the email could use this page to grant access; that is as simple as inserting a new OpportunityShare entry into the database.




ok...now if the opportunity owner has made that record public read...then another user when logs in he should have a


request access button that opportunity detail page...if he clicks that button then mail should go to the opportunity owner


for approval...if he approves that then only that particular user should be able to see that record...



if any one can send me that coding...


anyone with any idea???


anyone with any idea...i am explaining again...


i am the opportunity owner and i have set opportunity to public read....now there is another user


who should have a request access button on his opp detail page...when he clicks that...an email


should go to me( i.e opp owner). if i approve then that particular user should be able to edit the record...


but the record should be public read only...




now i have created the button request access on the opp detail page...on clicking that mail is also


going but how to add button in the email-template....and then how to proceed?????/




please see if anyone can help...