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New "Calculate your organization's code coverage" feature

Spring 11 includes a new "Calculate your organization's code coverage" feature. If I have a managed package that includes Apex code installed in my org, do the results of that new feature include coverage of the code in the managed package? Or does it tell me the coverage of only my own code?


If that number includes all coverage results for managed package code, how can I determine the coverage percent for only my own code?


it includes all the classes i.e your org code as well as managed package code also.... if you want to get your's only then you need to uninstall the installed packages.....

Austin CTLAustin CTL

Hi Everyone,


When we click on the "Estimate your organization's code coverage" button, it continues to time out. I believe this is an SFDC issue but wanted to see if anyone knew the impact to an actual production migration. Does it matter that this times out? Will it cause our deployment to fail? Thanks in advance!