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code explanation

i need help on the following code

     public List<Income__c> getIncomeRecords(String recordTypeId,List<Account> accountList){

   List<Income__c> incomeList = dbSOQL.getIncomes(recordTypeId,accountList); 

        return incomeList;


here Income__c is my custom object. what is the recordTypeId here?

how is it related to fetch my custom object records


In the code there was one more method which is as follows

    public void addRow(List<Income__c> incomes,String recordTypeIdString){

Income__c income = new Income__c();

income.recordTypeId = recordTypeIdString;    



here wlso i am not able to figure out what the parameter RecordYypeIdString denote?

where does it fetch it from ?



From the code you pasted we cannot provide you an answer because its not the entire code , both the methods required some info to be passed as arguments. So please get to know some OOPS concepts that how a method will be called .