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Is there any way to know in which tab the user is through VFP?

Hi All,


I want know in which tab is user in through VFP. My details scenario is as follows:


I have a Case Pgae Layout within which we have a visualforce page. This Case Layout can be accessed by Case tab and also through console. So my question is how can I know where is User present in Console tab or in Case tab. Any working example to achieve this would be highly appreciated.





If someone else doesn't reply, you could perhaps try this


This is not a solution(or even a correct way), more of a quick fix but you can perhaps use parent.locaiton function of javascript and if returned URL has the parameter "isdtp=mn"  then it could be a console?


as I have said, this is not a solution. isdtp can be used elsewhere too but since you're only concerned with case tab and console...this 'might' work.


Hi Sunny,


Thanks for your reply.

When I try to read parent.location or window.parent.location or window.top.location, I am getting script error. Is it a XSS policy issue(Browser issue) which is blocking me to access the parent url. Please let me know if you have an example or tried implementing it and succeeded. I need to get a solution quickly and It would be highly appreciated if you or anyone get me a solution to this.

Thank you!