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Chamil MadusankaChamil Madusanka 

SOQL Issue

I have following code. I want to know that is there any other approach to rewrite the highlighted code segment? That highlighted code area is not obey for best practices because there is a query in a loop.



public class Hierarchy {

public Employee__c employee;
public List<Team__c> team;

public Hierarchy(ApexPages.StandardController stdController){

public String getEmmployees(){
team=[Select t.Name, t.Id, (Select Name, Employee_Name__c From Team__r) From Team__c t];

for(Team__c tm:team){

//System.Debug('TEAM :: '+team.Name);
//System.Debug('TEAM :: '+team.Team__r.size());

return null;

public List<TreeModel> nodeList {get;set;}
public Hierarchy(){
nodeList = new List<TreeModel>();

for(Division__c acc : [Select d.Name, d.Id, (Select Id, Name From Teams__r) From Division__c d LIMIT 1000]){

if(acc.Teams__r.size() > 0){
TreeModel tm = new TreeModel();
tm.id = acc.Id;
tm.name = acc.name;
for(Team__c cnt: acc.Teams__r){
TreeModel tmChild = new TreeModel();
tmChild.id = cnt.Id;
tmChild.Name = cnt.Name;

for(Team__c acc1 : [SELECT id, Name, (Select Id, Name,Employee_Name__c from Team__r) from Team__c LIMIT 1000]){

TreeModel tm1 = new TreeModel();
tm1.id = acc1.Id;
tm1.name = acc1.name;

for(Employee__C cnt1: acc1.Team__r){
TreeModel tmChild1 = new TreeModel();
tmChild1.id = cnt1.Id;
tmChild1.Name = cnt1.Employee_Name__c;




public class TreeModel{
public string id {get;set;}
public string name {get;set;}
public List<TreeModel> children {get;set;}

public TreeModel(){
children = new List<TreeModel>();



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Best Answer chosen by Admin (Salesforce Developers) 

You can take the second query into a list and use that list in the enhanced for loop.



list<Team__c> lstTeams = [select id, name, (select id,name,Employee_Name__c from Team__r) from Team__c limit 1000];


In the Second for:


for(Team__c acc1: lstTeams){

//rest of ur code



This will eliminate the query in for loop but your code contain nested for this may cause max script stmts limit.