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Help for third party API integration with salesforce

hello all,

                     i am new bie for salesforce. i need to integrtae third party API with Salesforce APEX code. Please suggest some good links or  demo code that will describe that how to get started with integration.  Any code help wil be much appreciated.  Just need to know how to start with API integration code.



H R Dave

Ankit AroraAnkit Arora

You are talking about a very vast topic. It really depends upon what kind of integration you want to do.


Just to get started go to these links :






Also a very good document about web service API





Ankit Arora

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Thanks for your prompt reply.  It is absolutely right that it is vast topic.  Now i  need to integrtae VOIP API with salesforce contact which will provide Dialler functionality. I basically need to know below points I just have VOIP API  user credential to login.


1.) How to use apex callout for API

2.) Is there any XML  file required to directly generate WSDL document ?

3.) Sample starter code that can illustarte such integration.

4.) How to create sample UI for proof of concept.




Chris WoodwardChris Woodward
Hi, huniverse!

A 3rd party software that can help you integrate VOIP with Salesforce (and which can provide you a dialer functionality) is Tenfold. It's a CTI that integrates Salesforce with phone systems.

Tenfold's features include click-to-call, automatic call logging, a caller ID/screen pop, a call analytics dashboard, and more. To learn more on how Tenfold integrates Salesforce with phone systems, you can check this link:
How to integrate " https://partner.wefox.de " with salesforce ?