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Data Integration through Apex Callouts

Hi everyone,


I'm currently working on a project that integrates salesforce with an in-house system/external system. We will be sending around 500 fields of data(Approx) to this external system in realtime (depending on various conditions).


Our original design was to use "Outbound Message" , but the external system security team  is very particualr about authentication, they do not support IP flitering nor Mutual Authentication, which would have made things easy. Since, Outbound message can't be customized as a workaround there were proposals for using "Callouts" with username and password embedded in HTTP header. To summarize, a callout will be made with username and password embedded within the HTTP header ; all data (to be sent) will be included as callout's arguments(~500). The external system would then authenticate based on username password and would go on to processes included data/arguments.


 I would like to know, if it is advisable to use "Callouts" when trying to send large number fields? I'm having a hard time imagining a callout with ~500 arguments.


Any help will be greatly appreaciate.







Are you doing Inbound integration or Outbound integration?


Are 500 fields are available for One Object or Mutiple object data you wish to send..?


For Mutiple Object data fields..you need to create a different interfaces for multiple objects..




Sorry, the ~500 fields are available on one single object. It has both inbound and outbound aspects to it, but I'm only talking about outbound here. I'm hoping the external webservice will have an innerclass that has all variables corresponding to these 500 fields, and when I call them, I send over this inner class's object (assigning values to its ~500 member variables).


Have you used Callouts for realtime data-integration? I want to know what to expect interms of pitfalls or risksof running into governer limits.


Thanks for replying,