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prakash chaudharyprakash chaudhary 

Display my fusion charts as image on PDF...

Since i have generated fusion charts in VFpage but I want know that how to show this charts on PDF ?

Since while generating plan we have to show entire data in charts format also but it will see in pdf as image format only.

So my elaborated quesiton is like this...

How to convert charts into image automatically while generating PDF & how to show it on PDF?



Flash does not run in PDF mode. You will need to have a "preview" mode where you can render the image; the file should be saved to an attachment or document somewhere. Then, in the "PDF mode", use <apex:image/> to display the rendered chart.

Suresh PawarSuresh Pawar

Yaa you are right, but I also to generate PDF & in that PDF I have show image [preview of Flash] but I am afraid in storing image then attach it as static resource then use <apex:iamge> component to call that image.

It looks me time consuming & will create many problem to me.

Can u tell me that, is there any logic that we use in trigger so that it gets automatically convert into in image then gets attached to PDF ?



A better idea (for charts in PDF) would be to just use http://code.google.com/apis/chart/ to generate the images. Google lets you create images on the fly, and those images will correctly render inside your PDF file. FusionCharts is for real-time display, not so much for static images in a PDF file (because it is using Flash).

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