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Using a Custom Button to connect to a Third Party site

Hi All,


I'm new to Salesforce so forgive me if this question has been asked before.


We have a Salesforce instance with custom address fields. I want to add functionality in a custom button

which takes various address components e.g. post code, house no etc and sends them to a third party tool

that will use these details to return area specific information back to a custom Salesforce field. We have an API to access the methods for this 3rd party site but I want to know what is the best way to construct the API call via the button. Do we use the Javascript feature on the Custom Button settings or can we use the AJAX Remote proxy functionality


Many Thanks



Hi Brian 


You can build a VF Page with Controller. The VF Page will query for the fields on that record and display on a VF Page and then you can send those fields to the third party. 

   Attach u r VF Page to the Custom Button . 

  and If you do not want to see the VF Page use redirection so that you come baq to your standard page. 


Hope this helps



I am a newbie to SF. I also have similar requirement. And I think the approach you suggested should work for me.

I have a button when clicked takes me to a springMVC app. In that application w ecreate some record and when that record is saved I need some info. about that record to be inserted in SF table. Can you/ anybody sugges best way to do this?

I am not supposed to be using webservices.

If you can point me to an example that will be great.