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Lead,Account,Contact and opportunity relation

Hi All,

          Can anybody tell me about detailed process of how a lead convert into account,contact and opportunity.I want to

           know in detail about opportunity because it seems to critical.I am new to salesforce,so please convey me relation

           in lead,account,contact and opportunity(Opportunity in particular).


    With Regards

    Prabhash Mishra


Hi Prabhash,

     When you convert a Lead, 3 records will created i.e Account, Contact and Opportunity. You can create Account or select from exiting one, You may create Opportunity or not depending upon your requirement by selecting/deselecting the "Do not create a new opportunity upon conversion" checkbox, Contact record will be created with the name of Company of your Lead.




     Thanks for your reply.But I want to know under what circumtances we decides that the opportunity should be created.

      As i know opportunity is created when business is started with the lead.But what are the parameters that decides that

      the business has been started.


    With Regards

 Prabhash Mishra





When you want to Convert a Lead,it converts like 

1.The Lead Name as the Contact(Information of the Individual).

2.Opportunity is converted with the Company Information.(which you specify in the Lead as Company Name)

3.Account is also converted with the Company Information.



So since in Lead Company field is required so Opportunity is created automatically with that Company Name..

If you have any doubt please tell me..