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Overriding Standared SalesForce page

Hi All,

          I want to Override standared page(Account.Contact,Opportunity etc) with my VisualForce page with extension controller.Is it possible,if yes then please tell me how.


With Regards

Prabhash Mishra




Yes it is Possible You need to keep StandardController="Account" and your extensions.Then go to the Customize->

Accounts->Buttons And Links-> Click on Edit for View and Override with your Page.


Follow the same procedure for Contacts,Opportunity as keeping StandardController="Contact" and then override

the View for those objects.







The VisualForce documentation is here:  http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/pages/index.htm


Best, Steve.


To override your Object Tab,


Add StandardController="ObjectName"

and goto object -> Buttons and Links -> Edit (@ your ObjectName) -> then select the VF page Radio button then Save.

Now just click on your object tab. You can find the overrided page once you click on your tab.

If this not solves your problem please tell me.


If this solves your problem, then Accept as a solution, It may be reference to other people.