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How to solve governor limits problem of batch apex

In my project I am moving my all data of 20 objects from one account to other. In each object I have more than 50000 data. So to avoid governor limit problem
I used batch apex method. Initially I had implemented this batch apex for only 2 objects. At that time it worked fine. but when I tried to implement it for all 20 objects, It gave me runtime error that we cant run more than 5 batch processes concurrently. I am using single batch class for all objects.
I saw solution regardind this problem. In that they used Email functionality to solve this problem. But they implemented it for only two batches. If i adopt this method then I have to create 20 batch classes for each object which seems to be useless. So is there any other solution?

Ankit AroraAnkit Arora

If you want to send data from one org to another then why not using data loader?




Ankit Arora

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No I cant use apex data loader. Because It should happen internally when any one want to transfer data from one account to other.