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can i get the explanation as to what this code is doing

select sum(total_insurance__c)total 

           here total_insurance__c is my formula field where i want all the total of the  insurance details feed in

Mack DsozaMack Dsoza

Hiiiiiiii alchemy,

actually you are getting list values from total_insurance__c & then you are trying to get sum of all that values by executing query...


There is no matter that whether your total_insurance field is formula field or not bcoz it just give list of value total_insurance__c of every record of your object.


Hope this will help you...


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Shashikant SharmaShashikant Sharma

You are getting a Sum of your formula fields on certain records by grouping records.


it is like Select SUM(Salary) from Salary where EmployeeType =: Manager


total salary of all managers