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IO Exception: Read timed out Error



Please help me in solving the below issue:


I want to invoke external web service using Apex Callout. For this,I have generated Apex class from WSDL. I have created controller to handle the invoking process and Visualforce page to consume this.


I have set the URL in Administrative Setup -> Security Controls -> Remote site setting.


My web service is returning only one value thus not taking much time to execute. But still while running the code, I am getting Content cannot be displayed: IO Exception: Read timed out error.


Please provide the solution


Try extending the timeout:



mytestcallout kw = new mytestcallout();

kw.timeout_x = 90000;


Thank you for responding..


The solution provided by you ca be use to decrease the resposne time but my web service is not taking much time in returning the field. It is returning the data very fast.


I suspect the problem is either authentication or some IP. I already set the URL in Remote site setting also.