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Email from address on Sites app written in VF/Apex.

I have a real small sites app that was written in VF by another developer.

The controller uses Apex Messaging.sendEmail to send an email. The from email address is coming from a specific user's email address as if  the sendng user is hard-coded somewhere but I don't know where.  it's not in the Apex code.


The  setSenderDisplayName() and setReplyTo() methods are used to set those options and they come out okay.  But the actual from address isn't/can't be set with method calls.  The documentation says it comes from the current user.  I'm not sure what the user would be in the context of a Sites app.  I checked the Site Contact on the site configuration and changed it but that's not it.


So this email is still being sent from some hard-coded User's address.  I can't find it anywhere.


Any clue where it might be coming from?



I believe it should be from the Site User (Setup > Develop > Sites > SIte Name > Public Access Settings > View Users). I've never had to answer that question (yet), so I might be off the mark on this one.