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Search Not Returning all fields from Case object



My SOSL query on Case object not searching in all the fields except CaseNumber and Subject; I have few custom fields and formula fileds that I am using in case object.


Below is my code to return the search results. Could anyone please help me with this issue.



public List<Case> getCasesMPU(){
     String escapedSearchTermParam = '*'+ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('searchTerm')+'*';
   List<List<SObject>> searchList = [FIND :escapedSearchTermParam IN ALL FIELDS RETURNING Case (Id) LIMIT 200];
          List<Case> cases = ((List<case>) searchList[0]);
          casesMPU = [select Id,Subject,CaseNumber, Resolution__c,AccountId, Status, Priority,DesktopProduct__c, Created__c,Modified__c,Submitted_By__c,CreatedDate,SystemProfileVersion__c,System_profile__r.Name,System_profile__r.Version__c,System_Profile__r.Id from Case where Id in :cases and (status='open' or status='closed' or status='escalated') order by Id desc];
      return CasesMPU;

Even it is not searching in status and priority fileds also.


Thanks in advance.